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How long does it take to receive my order?

Standard delivery from our Sydney warehouse takes between 2-10 business days from the day of your order, depending on your location and Australia Post. 

Do you offer local pickup? 

Yes, we do! If you're feeling thrifty and you'd love to meet us locally to collect your products, please choose "Local pickup" at the checkout. We'd love to see your beautiful face! 

Does Bondi Nood’s anti-odorant actually work?

Bondi Nood works 100% of the time, all of the time! We have done rigorous testing on the smelliest humans in Bondi, and trust us, there are a few. Bondi Nood eradicates pit odour and freshens them daily.

Where is Bondi Nood made?

Bondi Nood was founded in 2020 and each anti-odorant is handcrafted locally in Bondi.

Wait, it’s not a roll-on or a spray?  How do I even apply Bondi Nood?

You’re probably thinking why would I ever apply Bondi Nood to my pits using my fingers? Well, we say why not? You apply lotions and creams with your fingers all of the time.

At Bondi Nood our biggest belief is that our customers get closer to their body and feel around the breast area. So, with that in mind we are changing the landscape and asking you to apply a peanut size amount directly to dry pits to get in touch with their body to embrace the pit!

Can I wear my favourite baby blue shirt again?

You sure can! Bondi Nood’s anti-odorant is so good that you can be confident every day in any colour.

Is Bondi Nood gender specific?

Our product isn't binary and is made for every single person that walks this planet. Bondi Nood’s anti-odorant is for everyone.

My pits can get sensitive. Is Bondi Nood’s anti-odorant for me?

Bondi Nood is for everyone around the globe, but we know some can be extra sensitive to BiCarb soda. We are working on a non-bicarb product at the moment. You can check out a full list of ingredients of our products on to see if it’s for you. We recommend to stop using it If you have any sensitivity or irritation.

How long does my anti-odorant last? Do I need to reapply throughout the day?

All-day every day. Apply once in the morning to dry pits and get on with your day! Our jars are 70gm and that’s about 6 weeks supply.

Sometimes it’s like Niagara Falls under my pits. Do I still need an antiperspirant?

While Bondi Nood is an effective anti-odorant it is important that our customers understand we are not an antiperspirant. Bondi Nood will protect you against odours and keep your pits fresh, while antiperspirants protect against odour and sweat. And you’ve probably never thought why you weren’t sweating hey? It’s because most antiperspirants contain Aluminium which is the active ingredient to stop sweating by clogging up your pores.

Give your pits 2 weeks to a month. We have had many customers tell us that over time they have been sweating much less than before. That’s because their pores can breathe freely and their bodies are not constantly trying to produce sweat. Sounds pretty good to us!

Do you test on animals?

No way – we love our furry friends too much. We don’t test on animals and are totality cruelty-free!

I’ve noticed Bondi Nood contains coconut oil. Can it stain my clothes? I’ve had some issues in the past.

Bondi Nood’s anti-odorant does not stain clothes or leave those yucky yellow marks that take ages to get off. We suggest waiting for your pits to dry and applying a peanut-sized amount and rub until dissolved. We also suggest waiting a few minutes before putting on a top to let the anti-odorant set fully.

Go here to look at the full list of ingredients

Why did you choose a glass jar and not a plastic tube?

Our overall aim is to minimise plastic waste and maximise personal and social well-being. We don’t only want to make a positive change in the self-hygiene world by increasing the quality of products we put on our body, but also to help our water-based friends live in their clean environment. We believe if you talk the talk, then you have to walk the walk. That’s why Bondi Nood’s anti-odorant comes in a glass jar which makes it fully zero-waste, plastic-free and even better, re-usable.

How can I go Nood without taking my clothes off?

At Bondi Nood we believe in stripping back without stripping off. For us, Nood means more than being naked. It means saying no to harmful chemicals, saying no plastic waste, saying yes to zero waste and living a more sustainable life. But hey if you want to wear Bondi Nood in the nude, go ahead, you do you.

What’s the shelf life of the anti-adorant?

Bondi Nood is pretty rebellious against bacterial growth. It will last approximately 12 months unopened and 6 months once opened. Just remember each jar is for one month’s usage so you will have plenty of time to get through it.

My jar seems a little different with the weather. Is that normal?

Yep! We don't add any stabilisers or additives to Bondi Nood that change the integrity of the anti-odorant. You've probably noticed at home that Coconut Oil softens and hardens depending on the temperature which is one of our main ingredients. Natural ingredients change with their environment so if your Nood is a little hard at times don’t worry, just apply the normal peanut-sized amount on to your palm and rub it with your finger before applying to your dry pits!