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About Us

Our story started a few years ago when Dean and Petra, a couple living in Bondi started to use their own homemade deodorant. Dean was using aluminium-based products and finding that he was getting swollen lymph nodes in his pits. Due to the lack of natural products in the market, they started to craft their own homemade deodorant from natural ingredients in their kitchen. 

Petra, our Co-Founder, Head of Product and Good Smell Enthusiast has always been conscious of what she fed her body with. She was disappointed that she couldn’t find any toxic-free deodorant that actually worked. “I just want to know what I put in and on my body” - Petra said one day when she stopped searching for the right product and decided to make her own deodorant. She hoped that one day it might exist on the supermarket shelves to change the deodorant landscape.

By giving out samples of their homemade deodorant jars to their friends, they realised that a lot of people around them were also looking for a natural alternative to the yucky, chemical-filled deodorants you can find in the supermarkets. It seemed like people were suffering in silence!

After many months of researching and developing the right ingredients, consistency and creating the perfect essential oil blend with its many benefits, Bondi Nood, the 100% natural and handcrafted anti-odorant was born in Bondi, Australia! It was created for everyone who wants to smell good, feel good and do good.