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What to expect when switching to a natural deodorant.

What to expect when switching to a natural deodorant.

If you've been using standard deodorants or antiperspirants for a long time, your skin will need some time to adjust! Keep in mind that natural deodorants contain different ingredients that can affect how your body reacts to it.

Many natural deodorants can feel a little hard and gritty. This is because of the combination of shea butter, baking soda and wax and the changing environmental conditions like the weather.

To help with this, we recommend holding your Bondi Nood 100% natural anti-odorant against your underarms for a few moments before swiping on to allow your body heat to soften the solution! 

Natural deodorants cover smell, not sweat — and that’s a good thing.

Don’t expect the same results as traditional deodorants when switching to a natural product. It could take a few days or weeks for your underarms to rebalance their ecosystem. Keep in mind that natural deodorants won’t halt sweat - they’ll work to minimise odour when things heat up.

We don’t want to eliminate our own personal scent signature anyway. We often talk about body odour as a bad thing — but it’s not. Eyes might be the first thing that physical attraction focuses on, but our noses also play a role in who we choose to couple up with!

Sometimes armpit detoxing can improve the effectiveness of natural deodorant and ease with your transition to the new product. This deep cleansing process removes buildup of deodorant and antiperspirant ingredients trapped in your pits over time, resulting in a rebalance of natural bacteria - something to think about but not necessary. 

Everybody is different. Our environment and what we eat can also have an impact on our smells, so we recommend being patient when you make the switch to a natural deodorant. Trust us, you won't regret it. Embracing your body and pits will be the best thing you'll ever do and will be unashamedly you.